14 October 2009

Great Falls

I've decided on the block I'm making for mum's quilt. It's the Great Falls.

There are three sizes to choose from. I chose the 10" block.

You know, there are commercial acrylic templates you can buy but they can be quite pricey.

So, I make my own! That's what I like about Jinny Beyer.
I print out the templates as per instructions given.

Then I attached a clear rigid plastic sheet on the templates, carefully placing some double sided tape on the seam allowance.
Then I carefully cut out the templates as close to the outer lines.

Next, I cut out 'holes' at the corners so that I can mark the seam lines for easier hand stitching ( otherwise, my stitches will not not be straight!).
Cut out the pieces needed and start stitching!

One more cool feature about Jinny Beyer is I get to use my own colour scheme. All I need to do is to print out the Line Drawing of the quilt and colour away! Once I'm happy with the layout of the colours, I cut the pieces and I'm ready to be a couch potato!

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  1. That's a great pattern. Keep us posted on your progress. Happy Quilting!!