05 January 2011

I’m back!!!…..

…..from a three week holiday in Melbourne and Singapore with my family! Had an awesome time in Melbourne. Love the cool weather even though it is summer. But when the sun did come out, I almost melted!


Was on the move going places almost everyday…sightseeing, shopping and eating!





The Great Ocean Road was great. DH pampered us with a helicopter ride to have an aerial view the Apostles…..AMAZING!

Dandenong Hills was beautiful, the wee teeny penguins at Phillips Island seem smaller than the ones I saw 15 years ago! It rained at Ballarat but we enjoyed Sovereign Hill.



By the time I got to Singapore, I was real tired. But my kids and I still managed the Singapore Flyer..it was scary..not the ride but by what I saw..360* of skyscrapers! Gives a new meaning to ‘Concrete Jungle’! Saw the Esplanade..Singapore’s version of  the Sydney Opera House. Spent a day at Universal Studios Singapore. Orchard Road was at it’s best..still with the Christmas lightings!


I’m still drowned with the loads of laundry,ironing and keeping stuffs back in place. At the same time, I’m catching up on my Google reader..I’ve more than 1000+ unread items! But I managed to spot some new BOMs for 2011. There’re at the right sidebar of my blog.


I hope to be back on my sewing machine soon to start on my Penny’s Hobo tutorial. Sorry for the delay.



Oh yes, I came home to a parcel from Linda Lum DeBono. Will tell more soon .


  1. Welcome home - wow that sounds like an amazing trip!!

  2. I'm glad you had a good break! Did you manage to go to a quilt shop while here in Singapore? Happy New Year! Vreni x

  3. glad to hear you had a good trip - it sounds so glamorous to me, sitting here in the East Midlands, England! Thanks for the BOM tipoffs, they look great!

  4. Wow! What an amazing trip! Glad you're back and happy you had such a great experience. Happy Wednesday! :o)

  5. So glad you had an awesome time. I actually think unpacking is so worse than packing. Once you get all that done, maybe you can have some sew time?

  6. What a wonderful break you had! Glad that you are safely back!

  7. Hello Penny, you visited all my favourite places...in September we stopped off at Singapore and wish we had more time there...Warm Regards, Lyn

  8. How wonderful was your trip? I'm insanely jealous! Glad Melbourne weather was kind. And washing... the reality check of a great holiday! Love your blog. Hope you don't mind if I follow ;) xx