26 October 2011

I Am Back!

I have been out of action for far too long. My mojo have been playing hide-and-seek with me! But one thing is for sure... I continued with my daily ritual...morning cuppa with my faithful Reader. Sorry for not commenting much but rest assured I came, I read and I did the 'ooh' and 'ahh' ! I did a little sewing. Will write more later.


  1. Nice to "see" you again!Missed you and looking forward to "seeing" more of you soon. xx

  2. HI and welcome back Penny... I visited you many time and quite surprised that where are you... love to see you again and waiting for something creative soon ... New appearance of your blog is very fresh ...
    Happy if you come to see me at
    with love from

  3. good to read you again and see some of your stitching... nothing wrong with a bloggie rest .... we all need a break sometimes...