20 July 2013

Free yarn!

I was going through my wardrobe and started tossing out t-shirts that I have not been wearing for some time now. Some are still wearable but a little 'old' to toss into the charity box. Then I came across http://pinterest.com/pin/141019032055172782/ on one of the Pinterest boards I am following. Suddenly I see t-shirt yarn in front of me!.... and it's free!! I can do that!!! 

And this is what I have done. 

I'm doing the cut-as-you-crotchet method. (Don't think there is such a method ;) ) It gets a bit boring if I just cut and cut and roll and roll to get a ball of t-shirt yarn. Besides, I just couldn't wait to get the ball rolling! Hahaha! 

One t-shirt down and on to the next till I get a big enough rug...or mat, for the kitchen...or bathroom. Oh dear, looks like I need more t-shirts! 

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