14 July 2009

A bag in a bag

I like handbags..totes..purse..shoulder bags..call it what you like.They are all the same.And I like to change bags to suit my mood or where I'm going.
If I am going shopping, I would go for this one......(I've made one for myself already!)

If I'm at the Hilton buffet...

then I would go for a small one like this .....(so that I don't have to leave my bag at the table and have my hands free to grab the food !)

So, to make changing bags easy,I stitched a small bag..enough to put in my purse,mobile phone and a reusable shopping bag...which is what I always have with me wherever I go.Unlike the purse organiser (like the one you see in Oprah) that you roll up to fit in your handbag....which makes taking and putting back things difficult.....
I saw something like this at the Curve Flea Market..selling for RM30 plus!

I made this cutie from scraps of material and some embroidery.(Help! I'm running out of scraps.)

That red thingy sticking out is my mobile phone.

So these days,I just grab my Blue Lady bag when I'm off to send or fetch my girl from school.And when I need to use another handbag,I just need to pop this Blue bag in .It's super light weight and you won't even notice it.

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