21 July 2009

Getting others to save the Planet Earth

Stitched another green bag.This time I'm giving it away so that others can help me keep those pesky plastics off the landfills.I've since declined many plastic bags.But once those plastic bags I have are depleted from my cabinet,I'll start 'collecting' them again. You see,I 'need' them to throw my rubbish! Alam Flora will not collect the rubbish if it's not in plastic bags.Anyone have any ideas on how to make Alam Flora pick up my 'unpacked' rubbish?

Anyway, here it is... the 'Charlie Reusable Grocery Bag from Burdastyle.It's made from strips of scraps.

I used one of my Redwork to make it 'one of its kind'!

Best of all it can be folded neatly to be stashed into your handbag.

There's a pocket on the other side of the bag.

All you need to do is to lay it flat with the Redwork facing up....

fold it inwards like so (follow the width of the pocket)...............

..............and then fold toward the center...................

...then put your hand into the pocket and turn the bag out.

REMEMBER : Put it into your handbag ! [Actually, you can use it as a handbag !]

It's very roomy....room enough for lots of shopping !

Get the pattern here.

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