11 August 2009

I Baked My Buns Today!

Let me run thru' what I did. First of all...I cheated ! I used the breadmaker to do all the hardwork for me :)

Here it is in an oiled bowl to be left to proof and pooof.

After an hour it has risen to more than double its volume.Punch it down.

Hey, I did do some kneading ! Divide into 50grams balls.(I wanted my buns to be roughly the same size)

Shape it with whatever filling you like.I did two varieties- egg and cheese mayo and parsley crabstick ( got to think of better names!)

Cover it again for it to rest and rise. Remember to put it into the oven!

Ta da!
(Go ahead..click on the picture for a closer look..you'll almost want to eat it ! )

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