27 August 2009

Roast #1

My hubby always say "..don't spend too much time in the kitchen." That's why most of my cooking is as simple as it gets,especially when it comes to roast. I will usually marinade the meats before I put them in the freezer...if I'm not too lazy,that is ;~D

My freezer is always well stocked with basil, thyme, oregano, parsley, bay leaf and any other herb I can find on the shelves at the supermarket.

For this roast, rub in some salt and pepper. Sometimes I rub in some corn flour to 'soften' the meat. Give it a good massage.
Using the tip of your sharp knife, stab the meat to make small slits.( Keep the children away when you are doing this !) Stuff into the slits slivers of garlic. It gives the roast a nice aroma.
Then sprinkle basil and thyme.Don't be stingy, use plenty.
Keep the meat in an airtight container and stuff it into your freezer! Best left to marinade for one or more days. The longer the tastier.
Works everytime with any meats. If you're using a whole chicken, stuff some bay leaves and lemon/lime in the cavity.Use some toothpicks to close the opening before roasting.When it's cooked use the yummy juices to make some gravy. Simply scrumptious!

(When roasting belly, you have a choice to keep the skin or not. I kept the skin for the above roast. Should have sliced it off. You see, I can never make the skin crispy.So, if you're removing the skin, score the top (layer of fat) before you start the seasoning.)

Serve your roast with some healthy salads / boiled vegetables like cauliflower, broccoli, carrots, bok choy (use the water you boil the vege in to make some gravy) and buttered rice/mashed potato/homebaked bread!

Roast is great in sandwiches too :)


P.S. >>gerber : Enjoy your roast!

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