26 May 2010

Dye and Stitch

      Each time I go to Kinokuniya, I’ll make a bee line to the Japanese Books section. I don’t read Japanese. Those books I ‘read’ don’t need me to :) There’s this book ..Dye Stitch. The book is very graphic,that’s why I don’t need to learn the language! This is what I have learnt from all the many visits there  :)

DSCN2121  First, I draw my design with a water erasable fabric marking pen (which by the way is made in Japan).

Then I used grey fabric marker pen to colour the background of my design.


Then I stitched away my design with chain stitch using 2 strands of embroidery thread ( which is  also made in Japan!).


The verdict : I’m loving this!

Looks like cutwork embroidery,eh?
The black you see is painted on. Before I got the fabric marker, I used regular marker pen to test it out.
Gotta find ‘real’ cutwork design .Wink

Penny joined this party


  1. It looks beautiful! I like so much
    Hugs from Spain

  2. I never heard of this, it's so beautiful! I would love to go to Kinokuniya now!

  3. I agree! There's great potential with this idea! Thanks.

  4. Your hand stitching is beautiful! Thanks for stopping by my blog and sharing your link!