18 May 2010

This and That and…Ooops !

Have been busy busy…organizing my fabric stash, sewing notions( I didn’t know I had so many zippers!), this and that and then…..

…I remembered this….
Ooops !
Finished this long time ago. But yet to finalize it!
Isn’t the big cables… BIG ?
Those cables belong to this. All I need to do is set in the sleeves and do up the sides. That ain’t too difficult is it ?
But I have had them sitting or rather sleeping in the cupboard. It was supposed to be for my trip to Canada last year end, which did not happen :(
(That should explain why it is still in this state …)

Anyway, it’s now lying on the guest bed as a reminder for me to get it done.
(…and perhaps an excuse to go somewhere this year end !)

And now … a little peek into what I have been doing….

….till then :)

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