22 May 2011

May I Pinterest You?

I’ve been quite unproductive of late….not blogging much, not sewing much, not doing much of anything except for lots of blog hopping and ….board hopping . pinboard, that is.

Recently, while blog hopping, I came across a blog with this button.

It took me to Pinterest!

Pinterest is a pinboard…a big virtual pinboard where you create collections of things…anything you can find in the world wide web. It’s like a big community where we collect and share all sorts of things.

I like to share tutorials and patterns that I have and those that I find while blog hopping. But sometimes it can take time to write up a post. With Pinterest, all I need is to click a special button called the Pinterest bookmarklet ,choose an image from the site and add it to my pinboard. That’s it! Pinterest will automatically grab the source link to give credit to the original creator. You can also browse through other pinboards, search by keywords and repin what you like! And while doing that, I found more blogs to follow!!! No wonder I didn’t have time for blogging and sewing!

I have created a few pinboards….mostly sewing stuffs….mostly tutorials with free patterns ….my to~do~list. It’s quick, it’s easy and it won’t get lost in my many folders of to-do-lists in my computer!!!

To see my pinboard, just click     . You can find this button on my sidebar, just below my followers.

If you like to have your own pinboards, Pinterest is by invitation only, so hurry to get an invite!

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