09 May 2011

Pennies for Rylee by Cyndi


(photo courtesy of Cyndi of Stitch Stitch Stitch )

I fell in love with this baby quilt when I saw it at Stitch Stitch Stitch . And stitch, stitch stitch I did! It’s an old fashion baby quilt with so many penny squares stitcheries to choose from! And I’m choosing all!


IMG_0407 IMG_0406


I’m stitching them in two colours!

Pink and Blue!


IMG_0405 IMG_0401
IMG_0396 IMG_0400
IMG_0397 IMG_0403


Yes, I’m planning to make two quilts!

Wish me luck !


  1. Wish you best of luck... they are adorable Penny ... specially I love the steam engine most and then that pram so cute and adorable...
    Hope you would like to feel the beauty and fragrance of flowers at

  2. That is precious! So sweet and snuggly! :)
    xx, shell

  3. Penny, they look great in those colors, great choice of color, what color is the pink?? You have such pretty perfect stitching. The baby carriage was the first one I drew followed by the baby rattle, after that who knows, just generic baby items at first until we found out it was a boy. The girly patterns were added later for anyone who might be expecting a girl. Am not happy with a few of the designs but they were something quick to put in a square. Plus there are extras so you can pick and choose and may not have to use the least favorites. Can't wait to see it all. I brought my flash drive to post the directions, but EQ and I had quite different fabric amounts, am still nervous about that. Love ya!!Cyndi