16 September 2009

Hexies Craze!

My fingers have been buuusy !

Psttt... click on the pics for more details ;)

All the yummie gorgeousness !!! Love stitching them. Got lots of inspirations from the lovely ladies in the cyber world! Made them into hexies using my hexagon coaster method.

Then stitched them together using slip stitch.
* Found a great blog with an e-book for help in sewing slip stitch.Thanks DJStoreroom.

That's how it looks like on the other side. No need for backing fabric or batting.
Hmmm..maybe I can make a quilt this way....


  1. Beautiful stitching! I love hexagons and these are gorgeous!


  2. Thanks. Just been to your blog. Amazing!!! I'm gonna have to have a blast reading it!Cheers!

  3. GORGEOUS... I love it... I have abom coming out next year and it is a garden themed onewith lots of flowers too... very pretty is this..
    Hugs Dawn x x x

  4. Wow.....thanks for commenting on my blog and now I have to go and make a coffee and sit and read your fabulous blog :) I love your hexies and the designs are gorgeous :)