01 July 2010

Happy To Be Scrappy

I have lots of scraps. I always save the ‘leftovers’ from my sewing projects. My sweetheart  complains says that I’m a hoarder.But I beg to differ…
I prefer to be called a ‘collector’ !blinking eyes

I’ve made some scrappy projects in the past.


‘Visited’ Jenny today.She is taking part in Em's Scrap Happy Challenge.

  Well…I think I can find time for some scrap busting project!


Thanks Em. smile329

I think I’ll be making a runner or placemats….a scrappy one of course!

Happy to be Scrappy!


  1. Looks like scrapping is your forte Penny!

  2. My mum just can't understand why I would cut up a whole yard of fabric into pieces just to stitch it back! So, I've learnt to use scraps :)

  3. Thanks for joining us and spreading the word. Hope you have fun. Looking forward to seeing the runner and placemats.

  4. Lots of great projects you have made. Good luck in my giveaway.