28 November 2010

Hoppity Hop….Bingo!!!

I love to blog hop. That’s mornings with my cuppa and Blogland. Besides getting loads of inspirations, tutorials and freebies, sometimes I end up taking part in giveaways .


Lately, I seem to be on a winning streak!



wool gem Kelly


In early October, I won a Beaded Wool Gems Kits from Kelly Jackson. Within a week, I received the Kit!


Thanks Kelly and Rose !






In early November, I hopped into Shawna’s lovely blog and hopped away with this yummylicious Layer Cake!



Pure from Shawna


Thanks Shawna.



Remember when I wrote about Barbara Gaddy and her family? Did you hurry along to get to know this lovely family! I did and see what I won!





Jeanette gave me not one but two patterns! A block of the month pattern collection from Thimbleberries called "Build a Village Block by Block" and ‘Pot and Pots of Flowers’ .

Love and love them!


Thanks Jeanette!

14 November 2010

Quilting Tutorials @ Cluck Cluck Sew



Allison of




is collecting quilting and quilt pattern tutorials from all over blogland!  If you have a tutorial or pattern to share ….





click the image above and add your link!



Thanks Allison !!!

13 November 2010

Want this?




Then you need to ask Corrie! She is having a giveaway!!!

12 November 2010

Gifted and Generous


I am talking about Barb’s family. Barbara Gaddy of  BEJEWELED QUILTS BY BARB  is having giveaways..two of them!


First is the  4 Sisters and A Mom Giveaway!!!!!! You really have to read about this gifted family.  Jeanette, Margaret, Beverly and Barb make beautiful quilts!


Second is Barb’s Veterans Day Giveaway.  Now hurry along to get to know this lovely family!

11 November 2010

You Can Linky to Flickr



I was experimenting with Linky. I found out that you can add a link to your Flickr photo.


I will show you how I added my Hexie Caddy photo from Flick to my Hexie Caddy parade in my blog.


1. First, choose the photo .




address bar

2. See the address I circled at the address bar? Right click to ‘Copy’.


3. Go to the bottom of the Hexie Caddy Tutorial post.





4. Click on the “Click here to enter’.







5. Right click in the ‘Link it to’ box, and paste the address you copied in step #2.

6. Add your caption or title.




7. Click on ‘ From Web’.




image image

8. Select your image, crop , click ‘Ok’ and you should be able to see your thumbnail in my Hexie Caddy Parade !






So if you do not have a blog, but you have Flickr and have  made a Hexie Caddy Pincushion, join in the  Parade!

06 November 2010

My Hexie Caddy Made it Again!











Hop over to Sew, Mama, Sew!  for tons of tutorials and inspirations.

Thanks Irene and Kristin for choosing my tutorial.

Will I ever get a chance???…





…..to win one of this?



Not if I blog about it and reduce my chances even more !!!

But if any of my readers wins one because I ‘told you about it’, then I’ll be happy too!


Carolyn @Accuquilt has given Linda @ Lavender Ridge a GO! to give away!

Now, get GOing and enter away!

03 November 2010

Easily Charmed Graceful Gifts Quilted Table Topper


Quite a mouthful!  smile313



Waaay back in July, I won a giveaway from Khris (Sew Prim Khris) . I got this quilt pattern called  SEW EASILY CHARMED.

Then at about the same time, I started stitching GIFTS OF GRACE by Val Laird.

And because I always like to have my hands in many projects at the same time,

( that sure explain my many UFOs!)

Sew, I Easily Charmed the Graceful blocks of Gifts to make this….





Easily Charmed Graceful Gifts Quilted Table Topper!!!


DSCN2454 DSCN2455
DSCN2456 DSCN2457

These are my favourite blocks.give_heart



DSCN2459 DSCN2460





Another down …and many more to go !!!



Fresh Poppy Design





Edit : The Gifts of Grace BOM  will be available only till December 2010. So hurry over to get all the BOMs !

02 November 2010

I Need Help….



to decide on a pattern for a quilt I’m planning to make for my DH. I have not finished  hand stitching the binding of the table topper I’m making with my Gifts of Grace block. But I’m deciding on the pattern for my next project. The problem is, there are so many inspirations out there in Blogland! ….and I want to make ALL OF THEM !!!

thinking 2


Gifts of Grace Blocks 7,8 and 9


Finally, I finished stitching all the block from Gifts of Grace by Val Laird.









I have stitched them into blocks to make another table topper.

My daughter’s reaction was “ why do you need so many!!!”

Well, I cannot have enough of them!

Almost finished the binding….hand stitching takes time Smile