28 March 2011

Hexie Caddy Parade

This is  OUR Hexie Caddy Parade.
Look at all the gorgeous creations made using my tutorial!
I’ve added your  Hexie Caddy Pincushions to my pinboard at

To join our Parade, please leave me a comment or mail me with your….
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Marion of Germany(no blog)  sent me a pic of her Hexie Caddy Pincushion. Thanks Marion.

Have you seen…


my bags c0llection?  I’ve added a page on my right sidebar.


I’m ready to make more bags!

24 March 2011

Fabric Shopping Bag Part 2



Let’s gather the pieces and head to the sewing machine !


center u n side curve side curve
1. Take one main fabric  and one lining fabric  right sides together. Sew the center "U" and two curve sides.
2. When stitching the side curve, stop and secure 1 1/2” from the top.
IMG_0313_thumb sewing handle
3. Repeat steps 1-2 for the second main fabric. Turn inside out and press. You now have two pieces. 4. With right sides together, pin the main fabric making sure it matches at the seams.
sewing handles IMG_0317
5. While keeping the lining away, start sewing across the main fabric. Keep sewing until the end of the lining fabric . Be patient…needs a little maneuvering :) 6. Pull the handle  to straighten the fabric. You will get this ! The handle neatly lined with an opening at the side. If you intend to top stitch, leave the opening for now. Or slip stitch to close the opening. Press.
side seams IMG_0321
7.With right sides together, place the main pieces together and lining pieces together matching at the side curve. Sew the two side seams. 8. Turn out the bag.  Top stitch the center ‘U’ and side curve to close the opening.Match the side seams and press.
stitch ditch handle IMG_0324
9. Fold the handle into half and

‘stitch in the ditch’ across the top of the handle. Do the same for the other handle.

10. To make the gusset, fold the sides with the seams inside. Making sure it’s parallel with the handles.
IMG_0325 IMG_0326
11. Pin and sew across the bottom. 12. Turn inside out and sew across the bottom again, encasing the seam allowance.
folding owl bag strap
13. Follow the steps above to fold the bag.(Click pic for larger view.) 14. Make a strap long enough to wrap the folded bag. Note the placement of Velcro and yo-yo flower.
attach strap IMG_0340
15. Stitch the strap in center of the ‘U’. 16. Now you can secure the folded bag with a strap! Isn’t that a cute little parcel?





Here’s the front…





…and here’s the back with a cute yo-yo flower!


My daughter loves the bag!

It’s for her Smile



If you missed Part I, go here.

23 March 2011

Fabric Shopping Bag Part I



I made this bag way back in 2009. It’s a shopping bag a.k.a. Green Bag. What I liked about this bag is it’s fast to make. And I used a regular plastic bag as the pattern! I got the inspiration here.


Wanna make one too?  Here we go !


IMG_02971 IMG_02982
IMG_02993 IMG_03004



1. Choose a regular plastic bag that is just the right size for you. Lay the plastic bag flat.

2. Cut the top of the handle and the bottom of the bag just at the seams.

3. Open out the gusset at the sides .

4. Fold the bag into half. Your bag pattern is ready !


IMG_03011 fold of fabric2
IMG_03073 IMG_03104


1. Select your favourite design for the front of the bag . Of  course I used Daisy’s owl applique. I added strips around until I’ve got it big enough.

2. Fold the fabric into half and place the pattern on the fold.

3. Cut following the pattern as a guide. Trim where necessary.

4 Cut two main fabric ( I’m using a different fabric for the other side of the bag) and two lining fabric.


Come back tomorrow for Part II !

22 March 2011

The Owl Design Belongs To….



Daisy Valentine @ triciarennea.blogspot.com .



Phew ! I Googled and searched and managed to find where this owl flew from.


And as it turned out, it was a coloring page !

Daisy has lots of coloring pages to share. Thanks Daisy !

21 March 2011

Hoot does this belong to ?



My daughter has a thing for owls. So I decided to make this cutie Smile

The problem now is, I cannot remember who and which blog I got this pattern from. Can someone help me?



Update: Find the answer here Smile

18 March 2011

Faire la Bise


I took days to decide what to do my my Faire la Bise block. I wanted something fast and practical.




I quilted around the hearts….




…added some strips and quilted both sides with this lovely stitch …..




…added broader strips and quilted straight lines….


..and I made another table runner!!!

Very soon, all the tables and counter tops in my house will be covered !

10 March 2011

Disappearing ‘Flowers’ Placemats



Finally completed the matching placemats for my Disappearing ‘Flowers’ Table Runner. This time the nine patch is looking more ‘disappearing’. I placed the dark fabric where I’d be cutting into, so it ended up with smaller squares, hence the dark fabric is less overbearing. Looks much better .Smile





Remember I won this ?




Well,  I made this!

It’s block #116 Faire la Bise by Helen Stubbings of  Hugs ‘N Kisses.

There are so many more gorgeous block to make!  I’m just into applique right now!




Applique and stitchery… I love it!