16 June 2014

Buttons,Buttons and more Buttons!

One hundred pieces for £1.69! What a steal! 

11 June 2014

09 June 2014

Baby Ruffles Blanket

Super duper easy pattern. Knit the day away! Knit seven rows, alternating with 9mm and 3.25mm needles. The bigger needle makes the ruffles! Smart, eh? 

Love these bamboo needles. 

04 December 2013


...and Pablo..the polar bear!

18 November 2013

Dressing up the couch.....Granny Style!

I have this 'thing' about polka dots. I simply love it!

When I bought the yarn, I didn't know what I wanted to do with it. I only knew I loved the colours.

Then I found this granny square pattern on Pinterest. Loads of free charts! I find it easier to follow the instructions if it is charted. I tend to get lost with so many words...lol!  Do you know granny squares are so addictive?! Playing around with the different colours was so much fun!

13 November 2013

Some TLC for the Piano

It's brand new....the piano...so it deserves some tlc....tender loving care...it deserves a nice crotchet lace cover to ward off those pesky dust! 

25 July 2013

Recyled t-shirt Rug

Done. My next 'victim' will be old bedsheet! 

20 July 2013

Free yarn!

I was going through my wardrobe and started tossing out t-shirts that I have not been wearing for some time now. Some are still wearable but a little 'old' to toss into the charity box. Then I came across http://pinterest.com/pin/141019032055172782/ on one of the Pinterest boards I am following. Suddenly I see t-shirt yarn in front of me!.... and it's free!! I can do that!!! 

And this is what I have done. 

I'm doing the cut-as-you-crotchet method. (Don't think there is such a method ;) ) It gets a bit boring if I just cut and cut and roll and roll to get a ball of t-shirt yarn. Besides, I just couldn't wait to get the ball rolling! Hahaha! 

One t-shirt down and on to the next till I get a big enough rug...or mat, for the kitchen...or bathroom. Oh dear, looks like I need more t-shirts! 

10 July 2013

Crotchet...a New Found Love

I have this thing about EPP...English Paper Piecing...hand stitching and the works. Lately, I have been hooked ...by the crotchet needle hook and granny squares!

Made this table topper....and yes, I also have this thing about table toppers. Most of my EPP projects are table toppers!  Anyways, I simply love to crotchet now. 

Check out my Pinterest Board for crotchet patterns...especially the granny squares!

09 July 2013

The Crooked House

There once lived a crooked man in a crooked house...

in Windsor! 

(no camera trick employed!)

Ok...so, I have been MIA for a long...long...time. Truth is, ever since my sweetheart gave me an Ipad, I have not been turning on my PC...fo a long...long...time. I have tried a few blogging apps. Apparently,it's not working out for me. Then, I found this...


If you find me blogging again, it worked! 

12 July 2012

Open Wide Zippered Pouch

I made this today. 

It's a rectangle based pouch, which explains why it's sitting pretty! 

I bought this zipper some time ago, not knowing what to do with it. When I saw this tutorial, I knew I found the perfect project! It has a metal ball at the end of a short chain as a pull tab... how cute is that!
Do you also see that cute flower button? I added that button to stich on the ribbon tab. I like to hold on to a tab when unzipping the zipper :) 

I love this design, big ample opening so I can see everything I stuff in here!

Thanks Anna for the tutorial

01 June 2012

How-To: Star Window a.k.a. Moe Moe's Star

I thought it is called Star Window. But, while asking Mr Goggle further, I found another name for it ; Moe Moe's Star. And I also found the template 😊

Edited: I have had a few request for the template, which I just realised that it isn't showing up at the link above. 

So, this is the template I used. Hope it works. Resize it to your heart's content!  Happy stitching!

While the instructions that Kathy gave me is complete, have my own idea on how-to! 

Trace the petal shape on the wrong side of the main fabric. Then, layer the main fabric and lining fabric right sides together. 

I love to handstitch, so, I did small running stitches. Trim close to the stitchline and snip at the notches. 

Cut a little opening on the lining fabric only. Then turn the main fabric out through the opening. 

Gently push out the seams and top stitch the edge with running stitch. 

Center the hexagon feature fabric and turn the petals inwards like so. Pin in place. 

Use blind stitch to hold the petals down. 

I cut out a curvy hexagon on the hexagon template to use it as a tracing template to draw the quilting line. The Pilot Frixion pen is simply awesome. The ink just disappears at the touch of the hot iron!

This is the back side of the block, all quilted .  Oh yes, this is a quilt-as you-go block. Just make as many blocks as you need. Then piece them together using ladder stitch.


31 May 2012

It's Multiplying Hexies!

I first saw this on Pinterest, which led me to the Quilting Board  ! Which then led me to Craftsy. Then lovely Kathy sent me the pattern! Thanks Kathy. See what hexies can make me do?! Now, I'm happily handstitching away! It's quilt-as-you-go. So, I can stop anytime I want. I think I will make a table topper for my much loved and over-used old dining table...to hide all the scarred and scald marks!  

30 May 2012

Working On Something Hexie, again...

This is the back.

Lots of handstitching. 

Edit: Blogged from my Ipad using Blog Docs and I love it! ....so far :) 
I can centre-align the pics and text!

22 May 2012

Magic Pita

Love to watch the magic of pita bread puff up in the oven.
Edit: Wrote this on Blogger app for Iphone.I can't centre-align the text.Also, both photos show up at bottom of post. How do I insert sentences below each pic?

15 March 2012

It’s a Chair! It’s a Beanbag! It’s a Recliner!



… for my precious Ipad!!!


photo (1)

It’s perfect for sitting back or lying down on the bed.



IMG_1100 IMG_1101

The angle is just perfect.


Then I got excited and made more!


IMG_0291 copy IMG_0292

I even made one for my daughter. I resized it for her Iphone. But it turned out too big. Good thing she has an Ipod too. That’s a cozy two-seater ! LOL!!!


Thanks Teresa for the tutorial.

08 March 2012

Hexie Butterfly Runner


When I first saw this , I dropped my knitting needles and grabbed my 'Hexie Box'. In one night and many episodes of Grey's Anatomy later....


photo 2

… I got a cute butterfly…



photo 1

… and some imagination later….



photo 3

… and a few strips later, I have a cute runner!