27 March 2010

Geta’s March Giveaway!

Geta Grama of Geta’s Quilting Studio is having a giveaway this March. Go over to Geta’s Studio quick to enter the giveaway..this time she’s giving her bag patterns! If you haven’t been to her Studio, you’re missing on loads of tutorials. She has loads of bags too (my fave!) You can find her here or at the sidebar of this blog.

Don’t forget to checkout her Shadow Trapunto Quilts. It’s fabulous!!! :D

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24 March 2010


Remember the pouch tutorial I wanted to try?
It’s from Timotei .Rannveig wrote a very clear and concise instructions.  Thanks Rannveig.


I used whatever scrap I had. The shape is slightly different from the tutorial but the method is the same. Pretty easy to make…except when it came to the zipper! But once I jumped into it, it was not that bad at all! Notice the decorative stitches ? (*o*)

Sewed a 2inch corner because I wanted more room!


No, I didn’t make these..but you bet I’ll be trying it next!
Saw it here .

Penny joined this party



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18 March 2010

Hotpads for my sister

Remember these hotpads/pot holders I made for my mum and mum-in-law?
My sister wanted too!!! :D

So here they are..a pair.

Am having fun with applique. Stitched a three-petal flower and a stem which doubles as a loop to hang! Machine quilted around..around…and around it to give it the quilted effect!

Hope you like it ,sis!

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17 March 2010

My new favourite bag

Brown Hobo With O-rings
 This is my NEW favourite bag!

Just finished the last stitch and I cant wait but to show it !

    DSCN2061  Love the shape.DSCN2064 DSCN2063

And for the first time I used O-rings.

Updated 9:25pm > I think I shall call this Brown Hobo With O-rings :D

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Ps…I’m off to make more bags!!! I think I got bitten by the bag bug!

12 March 2010

Applique Placemats

Finally… I get to write about this. I’ve made these placemats two weeks ago and my daughter took these photos for me…but it’s in RAW format and I don’t know how to turn it into jpeg! But she finally gave them to me last night. (Thanks sweetheart!)

Made this for my mum. Been practising machine applique. Added some french knots at the center of the flowers.


Made these for the tv room. We love to eat in front of the telly!


Remember these birds? I downloaded the applique shapes from Don’t Look Now !
It’s the reverse of the original because I forgot to flip over the shape! But it turn out good anyway!

Update 23June2010: Penny joined this party.

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09 March 2010

Another Bag

I need another bag. I know, I can almost hear my sister scream…“You have a cupboard full of them !” But I love bags. I also love making them.

So, the search began…..for a pattern. Not that I don’t have any, but many patterns to choose from! That’s always the problem..spoilt for choice. And I suddenly realised I don’t know which to make! And to make things worse, there are so many bag patterns out there to choose from!

So, in my desperate attempt to make one today, I chose this pattern. Of course as always, it’s a free pattern..this time it’s  from Better Homes & Garden It promises pockets and pockets…six of them.

I made it in half a day. I also made the strap a little longer so that I can have it over my shoulder. The  fabric I used is little too soft so it’s a bit slouchy. But then I like soft slouchy bags!

The Simple Six-Pocket bag is simple to make with step-by-step instructions.
Try it here.

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05 March 2010

Applique Pillow

While enjoying Jennys blog, I came to this beautiful applique pillow.

image Isn’t it gorgeous?

Jenny got the tutorial from Kellie of Don’t Look Now !
But I have to look ! :D
That’s not all…there’s a tutorial and a download for the appliques shapes!!!

This is definitely my lucky day ! *o*

Head over to Kellie’s Don’t Look Now !

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Note: Sent an e-mail to Kellie requesting permission to use her image…still waiting :D. Will add Kellie’s pillow when I get the green light!