15 April 2011





One day short of a week, hours watching movies, I’ve finished knitting, washing and blocking the Feather n Fan scarf !




Really love the effect of the increase and decrease of stitches creating the lacy waves. It is a very easy pattern to memorize….no looking at the chart or pattern ,no stitch markers nor row counters!




Ready to be wrapped. It’s a gift for a friend.

09 April 2011

Feather n Fan and Ravelry


This is a four row pattern. Very easy. Loving the lacy look of it!  Got the pattern via Ravelry.


Back to my knitting !



05 April 2011

I Got Bitten by the Knitting Bug !


When I knit,  I like  to pull the end of the ball from the center as it keeps the ball neater.




Have you ever had problem getting the end out? I tried both sides but it just won’t budge!  This ball of yarn is very compact… I had a hard time even to put in my fingers!



In the end , I just rip out the paper and start knitting .




I combined some stitches from different projects and came up with this. Not done with it yet. I think I will add some lacy edging. What do you think?



I love this yarn. Lives up to its name…Smoothie.



For beginner knitters, I recommend  textured yarn. It’s all garter stitch here. Good practice for your knit stitch!




I love this. The yarn is so smooth and silky. It’s Razzle Textures.

Looks like seaweed, eh? It’s actually a darker shade than in this photo.




Psst , if you like my pink scarf, I’ll e-mail you the pattern.