05 April 2011

I Got Bitten by the Knitting Bug !


When I knit,  I like  to pull the end of the ball from the center as it keeps the ball neater.




Have you ever had problem getting the end out? I tried both sides but it just won’t budge!  This ball of yarn is very compact… I had a hard time even to put in my fingers!



In the end , I just rip out the paper and start knitting .




I combined some stitches from different projects and came up with this. Not done with it yet. I think I will add some lacy edging. What do you think?



I love this yarn. Lives up to its name…Smoothie.



For beginner knitters, I recommend  textured yarn. It’s all garter stitch here. Good practice for your knit stitch!




I love this. The yarn is so smooth and silky. It’s Razzle Textures.

Looks like seaweed, eh? It’s actually a darker shade than in this photo.




Psst , if you like my pink scarf, I’ll e-mail you the pattern.


  1. lovely scarves penny - you will be ready for winter.... I'll be knitting some more of my baby shoes!!

  2. I love your pink scarf, it looks really lacy and delicate!

  3. Love the scarves...you really did get bitten.....I guess you are not looking for a cure??? Great job!!

  4. The pink scarf is lovely and I would like the pattern so I can make some for NEXT winter :-)

  5. I do love the pink scarf, it's gorgeous, but you know what? I have no patience for knitting since I learnt to crochet, it feels like such a chore.

  6. Love your scarf. It is so lacy and soft looking. Nola

  7. You know what I think...I think you are a smarty pants...lol...love your pink scarf but am not really a knitter...hugs Khris

  8. That is gorgeous - someday I will learn to knit!

  9. Wow Penny, you have been bitten!, such pretty work. Sadly I don't (read can't-sob) knit, but I do love to see beautiful things created by those who can.