28 September 2009

Grilled Fish #6

My family loves spicy food. The hotter the better !! To whip up a simple and fast ( and hot) dish, I have this to offer. I'm sure my kids can do it without any mess ;)

You'll need any fish of choice (here I used stingray),
curry powder,fennel and cumin seeds, plain yogurt,salt and a little sugar.

Mix the spices and yogurt to a paste and marinade the fish with the paste.
Leave to stand for half an hour.
Pour a little oil over the fish for it to sizzle!
Put in the grill to brown on both sides.
Notice that I use alluminium foil to line the grilling dish for easy clean up.

Scrumptious! The roasting of the cumin and fennel seeds add to the ummph.When you bite into the seeds, it releases the extra aroma..yumm.

Found this site with loads of marinade recipes! Thanks Marinade.com.
Marinade For Grilling Fish Recipe at Marinade.com

18 September 2009

Pancakes ! #5

Every mother should know how to make pancakes ..right?! Made these quite often. Thick,light and fluffy makes beautiful pancakes ;~D

Nope.. it's not made from the store bought pancake mix. I made them using this fabulous recipe I got from ....somewhere out there....thanks whoever you are!

You need two eggs, 1 teaspoon sugar, 0.5 teaspoon salt..beat till fluffy,
add 2 teaspoon baking powder..mix in but don't over beat.

Pour in one cup milk and 1/4 cup oil .. stir to mix,
add 1 1/3 cup flour ( all at one go) .. mix in till smooth.

add raisins and 1 teaspoon cinnamon powder or 1 teaspoon vanilla essence, mix well.
This is the most important step..leave the batter to REST for at least 30mins!
Pour batter on lightly oiled non-stick pan on low fire.
When you see bubbles appearing......

take a little peek. If it browns too fast, turn down the fire.
Flip over to cook the other side.

Great taken with honey, ice cream or yogurt :P

Have you tried savoury pancakes? Added pepper and parsley to this one. Served with pan grilled chicken and veggies ! Make sure you make extra gravy...yumm.
Hmmmm.. reminds me of Paddington....

Go make them..stack them..enjoy them ! :~D

Psst..they keep well in the fridge for up to two days.. or more but I'll never know cos they'll be snapped up too soon ! Just warm them up in the microwave.

16 September 2009

Hexies Craze!

My fingers have been buuusy !

Psttt... click on the pics for more details ;)

All the yummie gorgeousness !!! Love stitching them. Got lots of inspirations from the lovely ladies in the cyber world! Made them into hexies using my hexagon coaster method.

Then stitched them together using slip stitch.
* Found a great blog with an e-book for help in sewing slip stitch.Thanks DJStoreroom.

That's how it looks like on the other side. No need for backing fabric or batting.
Hmmm..maybe I can make a quilt this way....

Chicken Stew with fermented soyabeans #4

I grew up eating and helping mum to cook this dish. So it's sort of a comfort food to me .

You'll need whole chicken legs,deboned and cut into even sizes,
potatoes and carrots also cut into even sizes for even cooking,
onions cut into wedges,sliced ginger and chopped garlic,
and fermented soyabean paste.

Add ginger and onions into hot oil, stir till ginger is lightly browned,
put in garlic and bean paste,saute till fragrant,
throw in the chicken,potato and carrots.

Add in a cup of water and bring to a boil.Turn down the fire and let it simmer till the potatoes are soft. Salt and pepper to taste.

Lovely with steaming hot rice! Great too with noodles :~D

15 September 2009

Nuggets and Tomato Macaroni #3

I like cooking this for lunch... light and easy.

A bowl of cooked macaroni ( or any pasta of choice),
tomato cut into wedges,
fried nuggets ( or sausages, bacon or ham) cut into bite size,
butterhead (or any greens of choice),
parsley (dried or fresh) and
chopped garlic.

Add garlic,parsley and tomato into hot oil..stir until tomato starts to soften.
Add macaroni,nuggets and vege.
Salt and pepper to taste.
Stir to mix well.

You're done ! Sprinkle some cheese and more parsley.

Happy Cooking!!

How to Cook Like Mummy

Was having dinner with my kids the other day. Told them that the pot roast beef I cooked that night was super easy to make...easy enough for them to cook themselves...and it tastes super too.

Then I had this brilliant idea :) ....I shall put up a post each time I cook something easy. That way, whenever they want to cook, [ when they are thousands of miles away ] they can always look up my blog!

So, it shall be....

10 September 2009

New Scales

Yay!! Got my new kitchen scales this morning..compliments from HSBC :-)

It's an electronic scale with an automatic zero(tare) function. That means, if u place any bowl on it and press the power button, it automatically goes to zero.

It comes with two unique space saving design containers..a 1.5 litre tray and a 3 litre bowl. The bowl and tray fit over the scale for easy storage! Smart,eh?

Even smarter, you get to weigh your ingredients in g , lbs, oz and ml !! No more calculators for conversions!

Looks like I'll be doing lots of baking ;p

09 September 2009

Bruschetta # 2

I bake bread. Because it's homebaked, there's no preservative or additives. Therefore, it can't keep long. Good for me, I have a recipe to make use of my bread. It's the BRUSCHETTA.

According to Wikipedia:
Bruschetta (Italian pronunciation: [brus╦łketta] ( listen)) is a food the origin of which dates to at least the 15th century from central Italy. It consists of grilled bread rubbed with garlic and topped with extra-virgin olive oil, salt and pepper. Variations may include toppings of spicy red pepper, tomato, vegetables, beans, cured meat, and/or cheese; the most popular American recipe involves basil, fresh mozzarella, and tomato. Bruschetta is usually served as a snack or appetizer.

Read more here.

This is how I made mine.

Some homebaked bread,
Chopped tomatoes & onions, salt,pepper, olive oil and parsley....mixed well.

Slice bread into small squares (or whatever shape you fancy), spoon tomato-onion mix ( do I call this salsa?!) onto the bread. Top with sliced cheese and squeeze some mayo.

Put it into the grill till the cheese melts. Yum yummmm. :=)

03 September 2009

No Bias Binding Hexagon Coaster

Remember my hexagon coasters? I fail to mention that it doesn't require any bias binding though it looks like the edges are. I stumbled upon a Youtube video on how to make a hexagon coaster.

I used the method to make my version. Here's how I did it. ( Yay ! It's my first tutorial!) I'ld rather use lots of pics to do the explanation for me :~D

Firstly, cut one 8" hexagon( this will be the back piece/edge trimming) , three 6" hexagons (I used old t-shirt for a padded feel) and 1.5" strips of scraps.

Next, stack the three pieces of 6" hexagons together. Place a square piece of embroidery or any fabric of choice at the center.

Then, place the strips like so and stitch .
Open it out and stitch close to the outer edge.
Repeat all sides.

Place the small hexagon on the big one.Fold the big hexagon side edge in half.
Fold again and pin.
Continue on the next edge. Pin the corners down.Repeat all sides.

Stitch all round close to the edge.

Here it is! The front and back. No more fidgeting with bias binding *-*

A big placemat to hide some burnt marks on the table!

Have a nice time making your hexagon coasters!

p.s. If you find some pics too small to see the details, click on the image to enlarge.
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