28 September 2009

Grilled Fish #6

My family loves spicy food. The hotter the better !! To whip up a simple and fast ( and hot) dish, I have this to offer. I'm sure my kids can do it without any mess ;)

You'll need any fish of choice (here I used stingray),
curry powder,fennel and cumin seeds, plain yogurt,salt and a little sugar.

Mix the spices and yogurt to a paste and marinade the fish with the paste.
Leave to stand for half an hour.
Pour a little oil over the fish for it to sizzle!
Put in the grill to brown on both sides.
Notice that I use alluminium foil to line the grilling dish for easy clean up.

Scrumptious! The roasting of the cumin and fennel seeds add to the ummph.When you bite into the seeds, it releases the extra aroma..yumm.

Found this site with loads of marinade recipes! Thanks Marinade.com.
Marinade For Grilling Fish Recipe at Marinade.com

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  1. very late on commenting..but am just only browsing through your archives..you might catch me doing this again!;-)

    we eat a lot of fish..i should try this!

    thankyou for this!