01 June 2012

How-To: Star Window a.k.a. Moe Moe's Star

I thought it is called Star Window. But, while asking Mr Goggle further, I found another name for it ; Moe Moe's Star. And I also found the template 😊

Edited: I have had a few request for the template, which I just realised that it isn't showing up at the link above. 

So, this is the template I used. Hope it works. Resize it to your heart's content!  Happy stitching!

While the instructions that Kathy gave me is complete, have my own idea on how-to! 

Trace the petal shape on the wrong side of the main fabric. Then, layer the main fabric and lining fabric right sides together. 

I love to handstitch, so, I did small running stitches. Trim close to the stitchline and snip at the notches. 

Cut a little opening on the lining fabric only. Then turn the main fabric out through the opening. 

Gently push out the seams and top stitch the edge with running stitch. 

Center the hexagon feature fabric and turn the petals inwards like so. Pin in place. 

Use blind stitch to hold the petals down. 

I cut out a curvy hexagon on the hexagon template to use it as a tracing template to draw the quilting line. The Pilot Frixion pen is simply awesome. The ink just disappears at the touch of the hot iron!

This is the back side of the block, all quilted .  Oh yes, this is a quilt-as you-go block. Just make as many blocks as you need. Then piece them together using ladder stitch.