10 November 2011

Pot Holders - Test Post Using BlogBooster

I made this red pot holder

And this blue potholder for a bloggy friend to sell at a local Craft Market.

This post is written using the BlogBooster app. This app has the add photo, video and link option. You can choose the font , size and colour as well as the alignment. That's a boost!

01 November 2011

Test Post Using Blogspace on Ipad

My DH gave me his 'old' Ipad because he got himself the new Ipad2. I must admit, I have been spending a fair good time on this idevice, especially on the Flipboard app...will write about that next time.

Anyways, I figured that with this mobile device, it would be great to be able to blog on the go! ( I'm writing this while watching a movie) So, I started searching for apps. Will be testing out various apps that will give the most features like adding photos and links.

This app allows me to add photos and videos. But I cannot find the add link option. Hmmmm...that's what you get from free apps :)

By the way, if you go to my Pinterest (on the sidebar) you will find the link for the above pic. It's a DIY bias tape maker. Go check it out! It's on the How-To board.

26 October 2011

I Am Back!

I have been out of action for far too long. My mojo have been playing hide-and-seek with me! But one thing is for sure... I continued with my daily ritual...morning cuppa with my faithful Reader. Sorry for not commenting much but rest assured I came, I read and I did the 'ooh' and 'ahh' ! I did a little sewing. Will write more later.

04 September 2011

Under Construction......

I'm trying something new...so there'll be a little....ok .....a lot of mess going on here. Please bear with me. Hopefully I'll have a great makeover for my little space here in Blogville !

28 July 2011


When I saw the  Kaleidoscope Quilt-Along  I really wanted to run~along and join Elizabeth . I downloaded the templates ….and then I got scared..all those pointy points…I’m no good at matching the points. Then I thought, hey, I can EPP the kaleidoscope! EPP is very forgiving….with a little nudge, you can make the points meet!

So, I headed off to my favourite free Graph Paper Generator to get my isoceles triangles and squares.


At this page, choose these settings to get the squares paper pieces.


At this page, choose these settings to get octagons. I used an octagon to get eight kaleidoscope triangles.
You will get two octagons.Join the points to get eight isoceles triangles with a 2” base.  ( Yeah, after a few attempts, I figured out the  right measurements.)
Make as many paper pieces as you like.I didn’t make too many because I removed and reused the paper pieces as I went  along.
Because I didn’t stitch through the paper, I had one step less when I removed the paper. I just leave the basting stitches on. I find that it holds the seams in place and not open out.
Can I call this Kaleidoscope Tessellation ?
Here, I quilted triangle shapes in the octagon….
and here, I quilted the octagon shape.
I did the backing using my cool method.
My Kaleidoscope Tessellation Table Runner .
Yes, I have made many many table runners! My daughter advises me to start giving some away!

26 July 2011

More of Jack’s Chain


I seem to have misplaced my mojo somewhere amongst my WIPs and UFOs and fabric stash and scraps. All I did since my last post was hand stitching more Jack’s Chain.




I made another table runner, this time in blue….




and a red table topper. If you have not seen my earlier Jack’s Chain, please do. I have this cool method to finish the curves Smile




When I saw Vreni’s tessellations blocks using EPP, it dawned on me that Jack’s Chain is a tessellation block too.


“A tessellation is created when a shape is repeated over and over again covering a plane without any gaps or overlaps.”


Come back soon. I have a kaleidoscope tessellation to show you !

09 June 2011

Bowl Covers for Leftovers


I’m used to cooking for four. So after my son left home for Clayton to continue his studies, I continued cooking for four! That means only one thing…leftovers!




In my continuing effort to save Mother Earth from shrink wraps, I made this. I got the inspiration from here. Thanks Lindsay. But I tweaked the pattern a little. I did not  bind the edge the usual way.



Instead, I fold the bias tape into half and stitch it along the circumference of the fabric circle. Half way thru the circle, I leave a one inch gap for threading the elastic.



Using a bodkin , I inserted the elastic through the casing.



Join the two ends of the elastic by machine. Stitch close the opening and using a zig-zag stitch, I stitched around the edges to prevent fraying.



It looks exactly like a shower cap!


The best part is, it is washable and reusable!

06 June 2011

I Love Jack !



I’ve started chaining the Jack’s Chain blocks …..and I’m loving it! I’m making a table topper/runner. Then it dawned on me….it’s going to be a nightmare to finish it with bias binding the curves! But I want to keep the curves…so I came up with this method. If you have done needleturn applique and love hand stitching, this will work for you too .



First I lay the finished top on the batting, baste with long running stitches along the edges to hold them together. Then trim the batting 1/8 of an inch inside the curves.(That means the batting piece is smaller the the top piece.)  Next, I lay the finished Jack’s Chain top on the backing fabric, right sides together. Pin in place. Trim the backing fabric with a 1/2 inch allowance.



Then, using whip stitch, stitch the two layers together as you would applique.




This how it looks like on the back. Leave an opening to turn it right side out. Remember to trim and cut notches where necessary. Turn the whole piece right sides out and slip stitch the opening close.



Top stitch all around the curves and quilt . I wanted to finish fast, so I just stitch around each hexagon….not that I am any good at any other quilting designs except straight line quilting!



After a good press at the ironing board, it’s now sitting pretty on my coffee table .


And I am starting on the next one. This time it’s blue!


……did I mention to remove the paper pieces …Winking smile

02 June 2011

Jack’s Chain



I’m working on a new block…and it has to do with a HEXIE!




Jack’s Chain. Stumbled upon this block here. You can also find it here




Of course I have to do it the EPP( English Paper Piecing) way. This method of tacking the corners only is much faster….and the paper pieces lasts longer too.  I don’t remove the basting stitches…it cannot be seen anyway.


Now, I’m off to make more blocks and start chaining them!

22 May 2011

May I Pinterest You?

I’ve been quite unproductive of late….not blogging much, not sewing much, not doing much of anything except for lots of blog hopping and ….board hopping . pinboard, that is.

Recently, while blog hopping, I came across a blog with this button.

It took me to Pinterest!

Pinterest is a pinboard…a big virtual pinboard where you create collections of things…anything you can find in the world wide web. It’s like a big community where we collect and share all sorts of things.

I like to share tutorials and patterns that I have and those that I find while blog hopping. But sometimes it can take time to write up a post. With Pinterest, all I need is to click a special button called the Pinterest bookmarklet ,choose an image from the site and add it to my pinboard. That’s it! Pinterest will automatically grab the source link to give credit to the original creator. You can also browse through other pinboards, search by keywords and repin what you like! And while doing that, I found more blogs to follow!!! No wonder I didn’t have time for blogging and sewing!

I have created a few pinboards….mostly sewing stuffs….mostly tutorials with free patterns ….my to~do~list. It’s quick, it’s easy and it won’t get lost in my many folders of to-do-lists in my computer!!!

To see my pinboard, just click     . You can find this button on my sidebar, just below my followers.

If you like to have your own pinboards, Pinterest is by invitation only, so hurry to get an invite!

18 May 2011

Homespun Stitch-a-Long


I love hand stitching. It’s very calming….ahhhhh.

A Faithful Friend….ahhhhhhhh.




Block one (the verse in the centre) can be found  in the No 95 Vol 12.4 issue of Homespun Magazine. And Lenna Green is offering

19 more stitcheries to make up an  inspirational quilt . .. all for FREE !


Block 3 and 4 are ready to be downloaded!


Thanks Leena !

09 May 2011

Pennies for Rylee by Cyndi


(photo courtesy of Cyndi of Stitch Stitch Stitch )

I fell in love with this baby quilt when I saw it at Stitch Stitch Stitch . And stitch, stitch stitch I did! It’s an old fashion baby quilt with so many penny squares stitcheries to choose from! And I’m choosing all!


IMG_0407 IMG_0406


I’m stitching them in two colours!

Pink and Blue!


IMG_0405 IMG_0401
IMG_0396 IMG_0400
IMG_0397 IMG_0403


Yes, I’m planning to make two quilts!

Wish me luck !

05 May 2011

KoolBeenz …..StitchinStash

Last month, I took part in a giveaway by April @ KoolBeenz…..and I won!




Stitchin Stash was April’s giveaway sponsor.

Isn’t that a cute name card?

“Your obsession is our specialty….” 



My prize bundle came today ~Michael Miller Fabric - Lazy Daisy Fat Quarter Bundle. Totally in love with it! Thanks Julie of Stitchin Stash.


And thank you April !

By the way, April has a cool shoppe !

And she’s hosting another giveaway!!!

Cotton Blossom Farm is sponsoring a 10 pc Half Yd Bundle!

04 May 2011

Three Birdies


Enough with knitting. I’ve been pretty quiet….but I’m still around…lurking, hopping, commenting and nosing around blogland. I’ve also been quietly stitching away…especially during the long wedding I had to attend;  a real fairytale wedding like no other that I have read before!



This is what I have been stitching. Aren’t those birdies cute? It’s supposed to be wool applique…but I had to do it my way Winking smile.




It’s a spectacles case from Wee Folk Art. 




IMG_0386 IMG_0384 IMG_0387