31 August 2010

There’s So Much Joy!

Lately, there has been many giveaways and contests in blogland. Sometimes I join just for the fun…and sometimes I really really wish I would win..hehehe.

On Monday, I did  a happy dance , again ! I won Joy’s ‘Guess the Buttons’ contest! Actually, I did not win, but Joy was so generous that she decided to give a prize for 2nd place too..that’s me!!!

Thank you so much Joy! You sure gave me lots of joy!!!
(…am still doing the happy dance!)


Then there is another kind of joy…the kind that makes me so happy and proud when some one actually ‘read’ my blog, ‘read’ my tutorials and make something so pretty with it !!!

Nima of Made To Treasure gave me so much joy to see that my tutorials actually work!!!

image Don’t you just love it! You have to love hexagons by now!

image Nima also made two Hexagon Tote-Along Pouches in two sizes!!!
I love the beads at the end of the drawstrings. Now, why didn’t I think of that!

Thank you Nima for giving me lots of joy too !
Now, hop over to Nima’s and see her other beautiful treasures.

big smile w teeth
Hurry go make my Hexie Caddy Pincushion
or the Hexagon Tote-Along Pouch and I’ll parade it here !

Happy Stitching!

30 August 2010

Hexie Caddy Tutorial

I cannot help but notice that there is a ‘hexagon-craze’ thingy going on in blogland !
  I love my Hexie Caddy Pincushion !  And there are many of my blog readers and followers who agree too!
It’s pretty easy to make but I must warn you, it’s all hand stitched.
Here goes….
….but before I start…
This is a free tutorial. Do not pass off my tutorial as your own. It would be nice to give due credit to me and show me the ones you make!!!
Let’s start !
Cut 6 rectangles ( 2in x 4in) from a cereal box.
Cut 6 rectangles (3in x 5in) from fabric.
Fold in the seams and gum the fabric in place using glue stick.
Cut 3 paper hexagons with 2 inch sides.
( I like to go to this website for my hexagon templates.)
Baste one hexagon to the fabric with a running stitch. This will be the base.
Mount another hexagon on a cardboard(cereal box), trim and gum the fabric in place using glue stick.
Cut the third hexagon and ‘elongate’ it 2 inches as in the above pic.
Prepare 6 elongated hexagons using the English Paper Piecing method (EPP).
Edit:I’ve some e-mails asking how to ‘elongate’ the hexagon.

elongate hexagonHere's a little diagram to explain the method.
Cut the hexie into half along the dotted line. You will get two half hexies. Using glue stick, gum the two pieces on another piece of paper, 2inches apart as shown in the diagram above and the pic above that too.
There you have ‘elongated’ hexagon’ !
DSCN2362 DSCN2360
Using whip stitch, join the elongated hexagon pieces. This is the pincushion.
If you don’t like EPP , you can machine stitch the pieces if you like. But I love hand piecing…so that I can watch ‘When In Rome’ at the same time …a very cute romantic comedy!
Leave an opening  in the middle of two seams( opposite seams) . This will make stuffing easier.
DSCN2358 DSCN2359
     Whip stitch to join the rectangles. Now you see the hexie caddy.
Remove the paper from the elongated hexagons and turn out.
Now you are ready to join the two pieces together.
DSCN2364 DSCN2365
   Align the sides as in the left pic. Using slip stitch, join the caddy to the pincushion. This is the top of the caddy.
DSCN2371 DSCN2372
Using slip stitch again, join the paper basted hexagon to the bottom of the caddy. I like to make a few stitches before I give it a pull…
…see, easy and almost invisible.
Don’t worry if some stitches are visible. It is hand stitched !
DSCN2377 DSCN2378
Next, slip stitch the pincushion to the bottom.
   Remove the paper hexagon. Place the fabric covered cardboard hexagon into the bottom of  the caddy. The cardboard should keep the hexagon caddy in shape!
Next , fill it up! Remember, fill it  just enough or it will go out of shape and the caddy wall will start to collapse!
Slip stitch the openings when done stuffing.
Isn’t this sweet?
thumbs up
…now I have to make another one….good thing I don’t have too many sisters !
I would love to see the ones you make. So please mail me your pixies and I’ll share it  here !
I've added a Linky at the bottom of this post for you to add pics of your creations!
Happy stitching !!!
 image    Deutsche Version  translated by Regina Grewe . Thanks Regina .

image image image image
image image image
Birthday Wedding cakes crafts parties

  My Hexie Caddy Pincushion was seen here :
image   FREEBIES FOR CRAFTERS_1286692079053craftcrave As seen on CraftGossip.com




Show me your Hexie Caddy Pincushion creations!


Linky Tools has ceased free service.  I am in the process of transferring your Hexie Caddy to another Parade using Link tool by inlinkz.com  . Please be patient .( I was  in the process of transferring your Hexie Caddy to another Parade using Link tool by inlinkz.com  but I decided to post them myself in case inlinkz bail out on me too ! )


Join my Parade here.


As this tutorial is free for all my readers,

* DO NOT sell my pattern.
* DO NOT use my pattern for any commercial gains.
* Give credit to me as the designer of the Hexie Caddy Pincushion
* Have fun!
* Send me pics of your Hexie Caddy Pincushion .

19 August 2010

Hexie Caddy Pincushion

Two weeks ago, I made this pincushion caddy . After much advice from my blogging buddies, I decided not to do a tutorial. It is after all a pattern from a book, even though I made it without the book !

As you may know, I love hexagons! I’ve made

laundry basket covers
table runner

I’ve searched Flickr, Google and YouTube but no one seem to have made this…..
My very own ‘Hexie Caddy Pincushion’ !


It’s all totally handstitched!!!
This is going to my mummy.

May I interest anyone with a tutorial?

bye butterfly

Penny joined these parties!
image71[1] image image
image image image