01 November 2011

Test Post Using Blogspace on Ipad

My DH gave me his 'old' Ipad because he got himself the new Ipad2. I must admit, I have been spending a fair good time on this idevice, especially on the Flipboard app...will write about that next time.

Anyways, I figured that with this mobile device, it would be great to be able to blog on the go! ( I'm writing this while watching a movie) So, I started searching for apps. Will be testing out various apps that will give the most features like adding photos and links.

This app allows me to add photos and videos. But I cannot find the add link option. Hmmmm...that's what you get from free apps :)

By the way, if you go to my Pinterest (on the sidebar) you will find the link for the above pic. It's a DIY bias tape maker. Go check it out! It's on the How-To board.


  1. Hey there stranger...hubby got me an iPad for my birthday and I dont have a clue what I am really doing with it...lol...would love to know more about what apps you think are the best...hugs Khris