28 July 2011


When I saw the  Kaleidoscope Quilt-Along  I really wanted to run~along and join Elizabeth . I downloaded the templates ….and then I got scared..all those pointy points…I’m no good at matching the points. Then I thought, hey, I can EPP the kaleidoscope! EPP is very forgiving….with a little nudge, you can make the points meet!

So, I headed off to my favourite free Graph Paper Generator to get my isoceles triangles and squares.


At this page, choose these settings to get the squares paper pieces.


At this page, choose these settings to get octagons. I used an octagon to get eight kaleidoscope triangles.
You will get two octagons.Join the points to get eight isoceles triangles with a 2” base.  ( Yeah, after a few attempts, I figured out the  right measurements.)
Make as many paper pieces as you like.I didn’t make too many because I removed and reused the paper pieces as I went  along.
Because I didn’t stitch through the paper, I had one step less when I removed the paper. I just leave the basting stitches on. I find that it holds the seams in place and not open out.
Can I call this Kaleidoscope Tessellation ?
Here, I quilted triangle shapes in the octagon….
and here, I quilted the octagon shape.
I did the backing using my cool method.
My Kaleidoscope Tessellation Table Runner .
Yes, I have made many many table runners! My daughter advises me to start giving some away!


  1. Looks fantastic and thanks for the kip about the free Graph Paper Generator. Will look into that as I'm sure it will come handy one day.
    PS: don't be too hasty to give anything away ;), or only to deserving people who know how much work went into those table runners.....

  2. Genius, total genius to do it this way!

  3. I am amazed at how lovely it looks Penny and you know now I have to try it? Thanks heaps for telling about the graph paper. :) Hugs Vicki x

  4. Hi Penny!
    Your Table Runner is gorgeous and the colours......!!!!!!!
    Hugs from Finland

  5. Great job! I love your fabric/color choices.

  6. love the colours you have used. It looks really effective.

  7. Looks brilliant...I love the colours you've used.