09 July 2013

The Crooked House

There once lived a crooked man in a crooked house...

in Windsor! 

(no camera trick employed!)

Ok...so, I have been MIA for a long...long...time. Truth is, ever since my sweetheart gave me an Ipad, I have not been turning on my PC...fo a long...long...time. I have tried a few blogging apps. Apparently,it's not working out for me. Then, I found this...


If you find me blogging again, it worked! 


  1. New things are great. Enjoy your ipad, it seems to be the way to go now. My friend Flo who doesn't use a computer at all is a whiz with the ipad.......how is that?

  2. @barcord

    You're right, Barb. Literally, information at your fingertips with the Ipad!

  3. Hi Penny,
    I've been a slack blogger of late, & with the ipad I found Insagram so much quicker & easier. Last night I read your post about the app for ipad to enable blogposts & tried it. Phew....it's so much quicker & easier than the pc, & simple to navigate. Thank you so much for posting about this....it's much appreciated,

  4. @Sweet Cinnamon Stitches

    I'm loving this app too. Just take the pics with the ipad camera and you are ready to blog!