30 November 2009

So Sew Easy Schlep Bag

According to Dictionary.com


[shlep] Show IPA verb, schlepped, schlep⋅ping, noun Slang.–verb (used with object)
1. to carry; lug: to schlep an umbrella on a sunny day.

That's what I need... a bag for me to 'schlep' my purchases on my shopping day!

This bag was posted at sentimentalstitches.net way back in 2006! But I stumbled upon it when I was in a bag making frenzy some months back (^o^)

You can download the pattern here. It comes with complete instructions on the making process.

I used three different fabric,of which two are scraps from blouses I made . The japanese cotton blouse didn't have much leftovers. So, I made a log cabin quilt block with it. So, you can actually use your favourite block as the focus point of your bag! I did not use 8" squares. Instead, I made using 6" squares and half triangles from 6.5" squares.

For the assembly, just follow the instructions from the pdf you downloaded from here.

For the lining, I used two 15.5 inch squares, 0.25inch seam allowance included.I used a thin layer of sponge as the batting. I like the cushiony soft feel of sponge, yet it gives body and support. *o*

Here it is.. a cute tote. It has a square base which makes it sit perfectly on the table.

That's the side view. It's cool to see how the construction of the bag 'arranges' the squares into diamonds!

I quilted the lining, added a hook strap for my keys and a magnetic button for closure.

This time, I embellished my bag with a brooch from an old t-shirt. Hmmm..that's vintage brooch !

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c(")(").....Have a nice day!

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