04 September 2010

I moved out…..

…my sewing machine moved out ….from the guest/sewing room yesterday. The mess I make in the little room was getting overwhelming. Besides, mummy will be coming for a stay soon :)

So, I moved into the computer/study…and now /sewing room . And to make the computer/study/sewing room a little more ‘sewing’ , I made a nice cover for my sewing machine !

I used a lot of white to make the room look bright and cheery.

This stitchery is just perfect! A reminder to anyone in this room to pick up those pins I may drop! It’s a stitchery for a pincushion from Homespun.
Get the free project here. 

While there, check out the heaps of projects. I discovered them while checking out Khristina’s Flower Power
I made the wrist pincushion.

I love it !

Happy Stitching and Happy Weekend!!!


  1. Very clever of you! I keep meaning to make a cover for my machine, which sits out in plain view and collects dust. Maybe today is the day, with your inspiration and Hurricane Earl bearing down on us! Thanks for the link to the stitchery. I love it. ~karen

  2. Great one Penny, very cute project... I am sure I will go for it and than tell you too:)
    Hope you would like to spare a little bit of your time for me sure you will enjoy