22 October 2010

Frosty Flakes…Done!…Really!!!

Yes, it’s really done this time. Quilted…with just straight lines…and binded.
If you look closer, it’s a bit wonky. I tried my very best. Does that ever happen to you?

This is Block Eight…

… and Block Nine .
Blocks One to Seven are here.


  1. GREAT version, which one did you do twice or did you do one of your own???

  2. geez you get a lot done...show off..lol...well done chicky...hugs Khris

  3. That is really gorgeous! You did a fantastic job!

  4. Hi Penny,
    Oh you are so diligent, it looks great!!!!!!!!!!!
    You asked about the "fruits" on my blog. They are Sea Buckthorn-berries and one little berry contains the same quantity of vitamins as in an whole orange, very healthy.
    Have a nice week!!!
    Hugs from Finland

  5. waooooo..another great project..lovely...i wish i can snatch all your stuff with love...hehehehe...stay blessed dear...i m just kidding...

  6. Oh my gosh! It's gorgeous! You are so incredibly talented. I just love all that you create. :o)

    Thanks for the inspiration! Will you please consider linking up some of your fabulous tutorials during my Thrifty Christmas Challenge? I know so many people would be inspired by your work...plus they could de-stash! :o) Happy Sewing, my bloggy friend!

    Larri at Seams Inspired

  7. Love it. I have my blocks done but need to get it together. Quick! I wanted to give it to my daughter for Christmas.

  8. Dear Penny, the tablerunner with the Frosty Flakes is so beautifull :O)Have a nice weekend - kindly regards Gaby