25 January 2010

Must try tutorials


I love all the creative inspiring blogs out there. And I love even more all the tutorials so generously shared by the lovely ladies. So, from now on, whenever I come across something that makes me say “I want to make that!” , I shall post it here so that I can come back to it and try it out.. one fine day *o*


(You see, my bookmarks are overloaded and I can’t remember what the web address is about! ) So, to all blog owners, I hope I have your generous permission to use your photos and to link to your blogs.


Thanks (*o*) ♥♥♥





I’ve been wanting to make such a pouch. The tutorial is very clear and the photos are great.

Link:>  http://timotei-timotei.blogspot.com/2009/10/myntpung-trinn-for-trinn.html







I love teacup stitchery! Since I tried my hands on some teacup and teapot stitchery I think I must give this a try! 

Link:> http://gumtreedesigners.blogspot.com/2010/01/sharing-tea-our-free-design-for-january.html



Come to think of it, I have posted one tutorial I found, came back and made it! Yup, it’s the ‘Squarebag’ by Lappeklipp.


image image

These are made by Lappeklipp.



image image


And I made this!!




Lappeklipp made this…….



image image




…and I made this *o*





Recently, Lappeklipp made another Squarebag using eighty..80.. squares!!!

And look at those crotchet details..awesome!




(\ /) ☼

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  1. Hi! You have a really nice blog. I enjoyed going through your work. . I esp liked it coz I like to hand stitch rather than use my machine.
    I crocheted a bag, similar to your square bag, a few months back. I think i'll try this also.Thanks for sharing.

  2. Very nice bags! Congratulations!