20 January 2010

My First Machine Applique

Mum complained that the Charlie I made for my sister is nicer than hers!! Looking back at the pic from my previous post, I must say there’s a plain ‘canvas’ for me to ‘play’ with.

And with my new machine to experiment with, I thought I try my hand with some applique. 

I used the blanket stitch from my new machine to applique the leaves.
Then I made two yo-yos and stacked them up.
Next, I top it up with a button and…
ta-da..a flower !!!

Yup, I still prefer to leave the rest of the ‘canvas’ empty.
Looks ‘clean’ as we should be doing…..
cleaning and greening the earth by using reusable shopping bags!

       (¯` (❁) ´¯)
¨*• .*¨¸ ¤.¸ ´•.¸ * Hope mummy’s happy now!


  1. Hi, Penny. This "Charlie" is gorgeous. Bet your Mummy is going to love it. You never fail to impress me with your creativity. Well done!! Keep it up!

  2. Mmmmm, I love your Mummys bag, nice details and colours and yes you are right it looks "clean".
    Take care!!!! Hugs from L.