31 May 2010

Oven Toaster Cover For My Sister

image Remember this ? Made it into …….


....this for my sister.Smile
It’s an oven toaster cover. Used a box to test it out,so it didn’t fit properly but I sure hope it fits the real one !

Let me show you how I made it.

toaster cover layout

First, choose your fabric and cut out the pieces as above.
Cut out another set for the lining.
The 2cm I added is the seam allowance.

On the wrong side of the fabric, draw two lines.
Then draw a circle( I followed the diameter of my stitchery).
I position it in the center of the front panel.


I hope I’m making some sense so far!Wink


Place a white fabric, right sides together where the circle is. (Remember, the circle is drawn on the wrong side.) Pin the fabric in place and stitch the circle. I stitched 0.5cm away from the circle I drew.

Cut out the circle, following the pencil line.Cut notches.

Turn over the white fabric to the back and baste the edges.
I let the white fabric show a little.

      stitchery in window
Place the cut out frame over the stitchery and ta-da… a framed stitchery!
Remember to stitch around the the frame.
Trim the stitchery piece so as not to have too much bulk.
(Sorry, didn’t take a photo of that step.)

Using the scrap from the trimmed stitchery, I cut two flowers and placed it on the side panel pieces. Then using the water erasable fabric pen, I drew the petals and stem.

Machine appliqued the flower using satin stich.

joining toaster 
(Darn…forgot to take the photo again. I hope this picture helps.)
Before joining the panel pieces, I baste the lining to the main fabric pieces.
(If you are using thicker fabric, you may not need a lining.)
Using the picture as a guide, cut notches (0.8cm) (for easier pivoting when you reach the corner) and join the side panel to the main body.
Trim and finish the seams.(I used zig zag.)

That’s the applique flower on the side panel.
Oh yes, I finished the raw bottom edges with striped fabric.

You better like this, sis!Wink
And it better fits your toaster!

Update: Penny joined this party



  1. This is such a neat idea! I need to try this! Great job!

  2. Thank you for the tutorial!

  3. I just found this and it is perfect, I was in a quilt block swap and the theme was chickens. 4 blocks I made into a table runner and 3 into pot holders and now I can use one to make a cover for my toaster oven. Perfect timing and oh so cute.