24 June 2010

What’s on My Plate?

I love to hand stitch. And I would like to try making Dresden Plates. So I spent yesterday afternoon looking for templates for making Dresden Plates…the English Paper Piecing style. Found many…which of course I’ll need to purchase. Then I found this tutorial. Thanks Kathy.

I modified Kathy’s method a little. This is how I did mine smile n wink
Start with a square piece of paper. Fold into four.
( Remember to recycle by using those paper from your office !)

Then, draw two lines using this triangle ruler from your schoolbag ;D
[I realize that  one of the angles ( the smaller one,of course) is 30 degrees. ]

Cut through all those layers on the drawn line. You’ll get 3 x 4 = 12 wedges.

Now, take one wedge and fold into two. Draw a  line as shown in the right picture.Cut on the line.

Open up and there you have your first wedge ! Stack up all those wedges and snip off the points using the first wedge as a guide.

Twelve wedges made in a jiffy and it’s FREE  laughing hand closing mouth 

DSCN2219 This was easier to make. No use of any ruler.

Fold the square piece of paper into four, then diagonally keeping those points sharp. Shape the wedges as desired.

   DSCN2226 Open and cut out the wedges on the creased line.

And yes….those paper templates are reusable.

I think I’ll be making some placemats or coasters or hot pads using my plates …..hmmmmmthinking

I would love to see the dresden plates you make using this method. Do mail me your pictures !

If you are new to English Paper Piecing, click  here and here. 


  1. Excellent idea Penny, I'll be trying that one!

  2. I like your way of finding the 30 degree point........... the ends come out so neat too..... Hugz