14 August 2009

Silver Noriko for Sweet Michelle

Here it is....a silver Noriko for Michelle,my childhood friend's daughter.Michelle's mum and I were schoolmates since Primary One! We go back a looooong way. Though we parted ways after school,we reunited not too long ago.Welcome back :)

Silver..perfect for evening.
(Can I borrow it when I have a date?..with my hubby,of course!)

Found just the right button from the haberdashery.

Michelle I hope you like your Noriko ....p.s. good excuse to go on a date now :) Remember to ask mum first,ok?


  1. omg ! it's awesome !! mum is here.. she just went away for me to type my comment. it's so pretty !!!!! :D thank you, aunty mei peng! mum says that we can collect it maybe during the holidays. yay ! can go on a date now ! XD

  2. I love your bag. Did you make it larger then the pattern? I wish you would do a tutorial on how you made it. I love, love, love it.